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In one scan, get your 3D model and your 2D drawings with measurements

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MyCaptR is a 3D scanning application running on new generation devices, (equipped with depth sensors), Our solution is dedicated to building professionals especially contractors, architects, space planners and craft companies.
MyCaptR affords you to digitize a room simply by filming, and generates automatically the 3D model and the 2D drawings.
In a collaborative mode, you transfer all your data in real time in order to save it, and allow your colleagues or partners to work simultaneously with you.
From your customer area, you access all the 3D scans and your 2D drawings. At this step, your data can be exploited directly or imported on your CAD softwares.

MyCaptR revolution

Time saving
Simple and intuitive app
Automatic extraction of 2D drawings
Solution bas coûts
Collaborative tool
View the 3D scan and 2D drawings on site
Compatible with your design softwares
Accurate measurements, no mistake
Interact with the BIM workflow


We are happy to present MyCaptR during the next BIM WORLD exhibition, the 29th and 30th March 2017 at Paris la Défense.


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